Din Spinning

Has four state-of-the-art spinning units, produce various shades of Mélange and Ecru Yarns with cotton, polyester cotton, cotton viscose and core spun yarn with count range 10/1 to 60/1. Having Consolidated annual production capacity of yarn 43.95 million Kgs.

Dyeing unit

Dyeing of Fiber and Yarn with annual capacity of 5.1 million Kgs.

Din Weaving

In 2021 Din Textiles has also launched its hi-tech weaving plant which comprises 144 latest technologies Picanol Omni Plus i Air-Jet Looms with annual capacity of 86.01 million square meters.

Din Textile Mills Ltd (GOTS & OE Certified from Control Union)
(Oeko-Tex 100 Certified) (ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 certified) listed on Pakistan Stock Exchange with majority shareholding by Din Family.

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